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Here at Levitate Magazine, We RISE together
We aim to always exceed our audiences’ expectations with our publication by making sure our advertisers are seen in a positive light. We will exceed our customers expectations in advetisment by ensuring them that a little goes a long way in our company. We believe in quality over quantity. Affordable advertising doesnt have to mean minimal advertising. To achieve this we combine the voice of the people with our brand to make it more personal for the growth of everyones business needs. Levitate Magazine will be the number one affordable publication in SC and abroad!
Our Philosophy: I need to state whats really different between Levitate Magazine and all other magazines that you may have seen throughout the Carolina s. Levitate Magazine’s main focus is on the regular hard working individuals, who are neglected a chance to shine, because they aren’t well known or haven’t gotten their names out there to a point that makes others want to take the time and do a feature on or promote them. I always say everybody has the potential to do great things when given a chance to prove themselves. Sometimes all it takes is a helping hand or a stepping stone to get to that next level.

Here at Levitate Magazine, we take pride in doing just that! I’ve seen great talent. I’ve seen great business developments, I’ve witnessed artists, who don’t have deals or recognition as “greats”, completely dominate in their crafts.


That’s what drives me toward such individuals. I see their passion. I understand where they are coming from. We get so caught up in the hype, that we forget about what’s real. I say to all those really talented caterpillars, whose ambitions are to one day be that beautiful butterfly, let Levitate Magazine be an outlet for you.

The Movement!!
Levitate Magazine is all about uplifting everyone that comes in contact with us. We feel like its our responsibility, We want to live up to our name. Levitate Magazine has a distribution of 5000 issues per month. Your business will also be featured on our website as well as our social sites. We have subscribers in South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, Philadelphia, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Texas and we even ship over seas.
Who can advertise??
Our clientele includes  business owners, freelance writers, community advisers, professionals, models, barbers, hair stylists, club owners, promoters, graphic artists, doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and up and coming artists/entertainers.
YES, this magazine caters to EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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