Levitate Lives

About Levitate Lives??
We will be focusing our attention on the children in our communities by giving them a voice in Levitate Magazine’s “Aspirations” section. They can briefly describe themselves and broadcast what they aspire to be when they grow up. Our company will guide these teens to the right mentors to help with their success. Levitate Magazine also gives monetary​ gifts to deserving graduates in the first semester of college to help with supplies .My focus is to encourage and promote self esteem in our youth . Sometimes it takes that extra push to bring out the best in a child.

 Hi my name is Zyques Washington and I am an eleven year old model and performer. People know me as ZQ’. My parents are Tyrone Washington and Lishawn Moore. I live in South Carolina. Over the last 9 years I got to pursue my passion in South Carolina and North Carolina.

My Experience:
I recently started with Sunburst Pageant and progressed to Cleveland Product, Kidsville News, DV8 Dance Crew, IMTA Industry and International. I’m excited to work with Ivory Inspire Models next year. God has blessed with a signed contract out of Florida. I am getting many opportunities.

I will be going to L.A in January to walk the runway. I get to meet professional models and make new friends through the international model agencies. I was offered a trip to New York and Chicago with the opportunity to go to Paris, Tokyo and Greece.

Im called a triple threat because I model, dance and sing. I play the steel pan when I am not modeling or performing. I also enjoy karate, football, swimming, cooking, volunteering, basketball and skating. Thanks to my family and friends for believing in me. Look out world here I come