264133803Introducing The Official Jan/Feb Cover of Levitate(Dropping this week). I said it once and I will say it again. I will jump on every cover with a different scene every other month if I have to.(Simply Natasha) So photographers look out lol

We are in control of our own destiny. Never let anyone get in the way of your dreams, goals and aspirations. You have to continually invest in your vision to see growth. This issue features articles by Andrea Deberry and Levitate Magz (2015 Letter from the Editor). Models Angel Brown and Tovah D. May
Advertisers: The Bowman Drag Strip, S&R Auto Sales of Orangeburg, Will Print Photography, Otiti U.Wright of Endure The Extreme, Tarsha Bowman, Levitate Lives Kids Choice Zyques Washington, Whats your motivation with Renee McDaniel and Dj Major Boi, The Do’s and Don’t of tax season, Weddings and Engagement (Rob and Ebony) and much much more